Sometimes we need good news, amazing news.  Prepared to be amazed!

So . . . . . . . we have been working with St. Loys School for many, many years.  Since before we became a registered charity and that was in August 2003.  Back then, St Loys only had 34 children in the whole school and I can remember going into the school one September and Reception class consisted of just one child!

Despite the small number of children, this wonderful school has raised, probably more money than any other we work with.  The project was started as there were 17 street children staying overnight in one of the school classrooms and Sr Bibiana wanted to send them to school.  Now there is a huge Orphanage and thousands of children have benefitted from St Loys' generosity - most have lived there for 8 years, whilst others have had a temporary home when they needed it.

So . . . . . . .  back to the beginning.  As I was going out to India in 2007, Mr Hazelgrove gave me a school photo to take to give to Sr. Bibiana.  When I arrived at Thangachimadam it was Pongal - harvest, which is a very important festival in that region and many children in the Orphanage had gone to their friends' homes to celebrate.  So I only had a few children to see.  I took a photo of them, holding the St Loys' photo.


Back in Weedon Lois, I then took a photo of some St Loys' children, holding the above photo.

In 2012, whilst visiting Thangachimadam again, I showed Sr. Jovita the photos I had on my lap top and asked her if, by any chance, she recognised any of the children in the original photo.  Yes, two were still there.

What an amazing true story! . . . . . . . . .  It gets even better!!!!

Fast forward to February 2018 and Mr Hazelgrove receives an email from India:-

hello dears...
      l am prathiga from thangachimadam, tamil nadu, India.
    l want to speak with julie aunty.
    l am one of the alumni of st. philomina home for children.,Thangachimadam.

Which he forwards to me and I reply to.  Extracts from various emails:-

I am the girl in this picture.  I feel blessed to talk to you.... very grateful to you aunty
    I am doing BDS (dentist) now..... thank you for helping me in childhood.
      how is your health??...

how's our st. loys school students?... thank you for your unconditional love aunty.... 

Concerning my 2012 trip with Mrs Johnson

I can't forget those days on came on one fine afternoon... you first went and saw restrooms, (the toilets - Mrs Johnson was VERY keen to see the toilets and scorpion step first!)   A girl was standing near you and translating your words into tamil and that girl was me 😊.... you ate with us... next day you came with us to the school... that evening you (Mrs Johnson) gave bags to our school children... on the day of your leaving you took photo of me and other girl named Geetha in your age was 13yrs old in that picture now I am 20yrs old aunty

I joined that home in 2004 on my 2nd standard  (Year 2)  ... i saw you first in 2006...i studied there till 2013... i came out with 93% in my tenth standard (thank my god for this)...
l am studying in sree mookambika institute of dental sciences, kanyakumari... 5 years course... now i am in third year...

i don't know what geetha is doing... i am not in contact with anyone...
i am very happy and thankful for you... i didn't expect that i will talk to you...but now very happy...

convey my regards to your school students.

She now looks like this!

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