How you can help

Please tell other people about us - the more people who know about us, the better chance our children have of being helped. 

Can you collect pennies for us?  Get others to collect them for you too?  You could make penny pots to give out.  Just old yogurt pots or jam-jars.  Put labels on them ‘Children United! - please save your 1p’s for us!’ and give to anyone who is willing to collect their 1p’s for you. (If they want to give 2p’s or any other coins as well that’s fine!)  If your school is involved, how about having a competition to see which class collects the most?  You will be able to work out how many litres of milk / eggs / school dinners you have paid for and you can choose where your money goes to and what it is spent on.  Can you think of anywhere else that would have a penny collection for you?

Please can you start collecting STAMPS for us?  Instead of going into the rubbish or paper recycling bin, we get paid for them. As one little boy at Hunsbury Park School said, “That’s genius Miss!”  All GB or foreign stamps are wanted, but please leave a small border of paper around the stamps, so that the perforations are not damaged.  
There are many, many ways of raising money for us - put your thinking caps on!  If you can get your school involved as well, so much the better!  

For lots of different ideas on how to raise some money for us, have a look at this website!   better-fundraising-ideas

If you know of a primary school who would like a speaker on 'People in Christianity' or 'India' tell them about us and give them our website address:-

We also give talks to Ladies' groups, Church groups etc.
Direct debits.  We totally agree with all those who say of the adverts asking for standing orders of £3 or £5 a month, “But how do you know where your money is going and how much of it actually gets there?”  If you hear anyone saying that, tell them about Children United! Every single penny does go to the children and you can choose which project your money goes to or what it is spent on. 

By filling in a Gift Aid form (click on the 'Gift Aid' button in the left hand column) we can claim the tax back, adding another 25% to your donation! 

Our bank details are:-

Barclays Bank, Kettering.
Account name - Children United
Account number 10941735
Sort Code 20-45-81

Cheques should be made payable to 'Children United!' and sent to:-

10, Woodland Avenue

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