Vettimukal Nursery School

Divided into LKG and UKG - lower and upper kindergarten with 112 children aged from 3 to 5 years of age. This nursery has been adopted by Grange School, Kettering who have raised huge amounts of money to help the children. They have paid for playground equipment, ride-on cars and bikes, LOTS of toys, games and sports equipment as well as healthy snacks.

One way Grange School raised funds, was by making elephants out of old plastic milk bottles. One of these elephants is now on the wall of the nursery. Grange School received a DVD and photos of the children, along with thank-you letters and a beautiful tapestry from one of the elderly Sisters who was so impressed to hear how much the children at Grange School had done to help the poor children at the nursery in India.

When we first saw these photos we thought that they had adapted an old barn or factory for the school building.   

It looked very clean and the children had chairs to sit on, but there didn't seem to be any books or equipment. We knew that they didn't have any games or toys to play with, so we asked if some of the money Grange School raised could be spent on 'fun' things!

December 2007 update - we received a letter from Rosily thanking us for the money "We have bought some play materials for our nursery students with that amount.  They are so happy to get the play things.  I will send you some photos next time."  They bought some trikes, toy cars, dolls, cricket sets, footballs and smaller balls.

Grange School, Kettering, raised even more money and it was spent on building a playground for the children!

Another amount of money was raised (again by Grange School!) by selling elephants the children made in breakfast club. 

This is a very special elephant!  She travelled all the way to India!

And paid for a cassette player and tapes and healthy snacks for the children.  

THANK YOU Grange School!!!

2012 - £100 sent out to pay for the children's snacks etc. 

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