Thayagam Refuge

In November 2011, we received the following email:-

"I am requesting you to help our destitute women house at Thayagam, Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu.   Four sisters are there with destitute, run away, trafficked women and their children, unwed mothers and young girls are here. (Some 40-60.)  They don't have any other income than the local contribution and free meals by well wishers and donors.  They are in need of a kitchen and toilet facilities, which are in very damaged condition. Sister Fatima Alphonse a social worker is in charge of this house.  If you could meet any person please do help her.  It is a great support for the women."

Our reply:-  "Concerning the destitute women's house at Coimbatore. I am sorry but Children United! cannot help with building work as all our funds have to be directly used for children, even if we did have money to spare.  However, we would be more than happy to give a regular donation to help for the children's food, milk, medicines, clothes etc.  We have been working with the refuge at Malur for many years and the work that is done there is so vital . . . . . 

Our first donation of £50 came from Kettering General Hospital Retirement Fellowship. 

March 2012.  With additional donations from various ladies and ladies from Burton Latimer Baptist Church, we sent £300 in January this year.  The first photos from this project are shown below.  

This project has been running for nearly 20 years and takes in trafficked, abandoned, destitute, disabled (physically and mentally) and rescued women.  The project has a very good working relationship with the local Rotary Club and the Police, who refer women in need to the project and also bring in 'working' women they find.  All classes and castes of women are helped; there was one very well-educated women there recently from a wealthy family.  She eventually went back to her husband, but will be checked on regularly to make sure she is still safe and well.  If reconciliations are not possible then the women are taught to sew / cook etc. and are re-homed.

The number of babies and children there varies; the older children go to the local village school.



The work that this project does is of vital importance - as seen by the similar work done at Malur.  Therefore we want to give an annual donation to help to pay for the children's needs.   Thanks to CM for the first donation in 2012.

2012 - £182.22 sent to help to pay for the children's needs.

2013 - £250.00 sent out to help the children.

2014 - £100.00 given.

2015 or 2016 - sadly not enough money raised this year to be able to help them.

2017 - £165.00 sent, given by Corby Inner Wheel and Raunds WI.  We have heard that it was spent 'towards helping the children to study; purchasing books to start a library and shelves for the books'.  Excellent!

2018 - £147.39 sent.  We wait to hear how it will be spent.     

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