Kodai Kanal milk photos

Giving milk to the children at Kodai Kanal has been on the top of my 'to do' list for YEARS!  All of our other projects have milk, but it is so much more expensive at Kodai - the cost of transportation up the mountain increases the price and they have about 300 children there. The children do not have any other dairy or fish / meat, so you can understand why this is so important.  

First, thank you to Verity for giving the initial £4.00 to start the 'Kodai Kanal Milk Fund', to Mr and Mrs F for their donation and to J for her monthly donation of £10.22 (meant to be £10.00, but she pressed the wrong buttons, resulting in us being able to pay for another 2 packets of milk!)   Thank you to Burton Latimer Methodist Church and Shirley and Pauline's dance group for collecting pennies for us.      

Three photos - the first taken last November - black tea, and two just received - milky white tea!  We would like to get to the point when the children can have a whole tumbler of milk, but milk in their tea is an excellent start!


2018 - an all-time record!  Over £220.00 raised, just to buy milk.  Thank you Burton Latimer Methodist Church and JH and his dancers.

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