Vettimukal Boarding

We received this request from Sr. Annie Chacko, who recently retired from running the Orphanage at Munnar.  We would really like to grant her wish and have allocated the money received recently from Christ the King Church, as a 'one-off' donation to help them purchase necessary items.  We would love to be able help every year and would be looking at between £350 - £500 a year to support this project.

“Julie in my previous letter I had mentioned to you about one thing which was not revealed to you. Now I am going to tell about it. Hope it will be acceptable to you. You know our school in Vettimukal, in Kerala. Because you have given help to their nursery children. As you know the children of the place are Dalit, (lowest caste) who are able to study only in Malayalam medium (own language, not English) even though some of them are very clever.  They are economically very poor. Because of the poor condition in the family, lack of electricity etc. children specially who are in the higher classes were not able to study at home. Now, for their betterment in their studies, Sisters thought of keeping at least 25 children who are most deserved (year 10 only) to keep them in our convent and coach them through special classes.  They collect a small amount from them which they can.  Julie, now I come to you with a request. Can you help these children in whatever way you can? If you could give whatever you can will be a great help for the Sisters to meet their expenses and help them in their studies. If you take this as a project, I will be very happy.  Let the children at least complete year 10. Julie, kindly think it over and help them,  I am praying for you and for all your good works. As you help Munnar, do something for this children who are deprived of higher studies. I am hoping that you will do at least something for this children.

With much love and affection, Sr. Annie Chacko."

2017 - we were able to send £428.00 to help, thanks to Christ the King Church and the family and friends of Mr B Lane.  

We received this message.    ". . . . . . . at present we have 27 girl children in the boarding. They are studying from standard (year) 4th to 10th.  Five of us are teaching in this school and so we know each one of them very well. One girl is doing teacher training course in another institute. Generally all these student are from very poor background. Most of the parents are coolie workers and find it hard to give them good education. Some of the houses are very far from the school. They do not have much conveniences in their house, such as electricity, a separate room to sit quietly for study. The neighborhood is not conducive for their studies. When the parents are in the work place and when the girl children return from the school there is no one to take care of them, to say no safety. There are the main reasons they have come here. Two of them (siblings) are orphans. Their grandmother looks after them. One girl's parents are at the brim of divorce.  As teachers of these students, knowing their condition, we have taken initiative to bring them together here and to help them in their studies.  With Love & Prayers  Sr Berly George

She has promised photographs, which I will put on here as soon as I receive them.


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