NEW - Girl Power!

A slightly different project to our other ones - helping orphaned girls who have grown up in our projects and need help with costs for further education / nursing courses.

On my visit last year, I met up with many young ladies who I met as children on previous projects. so . . . . . . . .  at Savugampatti I met five girls who had been at Karisalpatti in 2012.  This is them now - from left to right, Glory, Nirmala, Aruna, Veeralakhsmi and Saranya.

In 2012, Aruna can be seen on the right in the orange outfit. 

Veeralakhsmi is at the back, with her arms up, wearing a turquoise top                  *****

Also staying at Savugampatti, whilst she completed a health care assistant course nearby, was Thamarai Selvi.

Here she is, five years ago at Paravai.

This photo, taken last year at Paravai, shows her on the right hand side. Her sister Pandeeswari is on the left.  She was studying the equivalent of her 'A' levels at a school in Kodai Kanal.  In the centre is Kousalya.   

Here is Kousalya, when I met her at Kodai Kanal boarding.  She is in year 8.

. . . . .  and here she is five years ago at Paravai, on the right.

To start this project, we have put £1550.00 into the 'Girl Power Pot'.  We have already had considerable interest, with both Corby and Kettering Inner Wheels groups promising help in the future, starting with £200 - thank you!!!

So . . . . .  the first two Girl Power recipients are . . . . . .Thamarai Selvi and her sister Pandeeswari.  Here they are (blue arrows) at Paravai Orphanage (supported by Weston Favell Primary School) along with Kousalya (red arrow) back in 2012.

Thamarai Selvi and Pandeeswari start their nurse training at the Claudine School of Nursing, Batlagundu, next month (July 2018) and we have been promised a photo of them in their nurses' uniforms on their very first day.  It will, of course, be posted here as soon as we receive it!


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