NEW PROJECT! - Batlagundu Boarding

And that's about all we know at the moment!  The building is under construction and the first intake of 50 children are temporarily living in my friend Jeya's office!  We are waiting to hear what it will be called and who will be in charge (hopefully one of my friends!)  I am VERY excited about this project, as Batlagundu is my home in India.

This project is going to be supported by Boughton School and the children there have already collected over £120.00 in pennies! They are also collecting stamps.


One girl in year 5, asked if I could take some books that she had 'grown out of' for the children.  Unfortunately, I can't take lots of books with me, due to the weight.  So instead, we came up with the idea of having a book sale.  All the money raised by the sale will go to buy new books for the children, which can be purchased very cheaply out in India.  I also suggested that everyone who gave or bought a book could be given a sticky label.  They could write their name on it and maybe a message and then colour it in.  When I visit Batlagundu in October/November, I will take the labels and stick them into the new books.  I have done this before and get the children to stand in a big circle, sing songs and hold the books with the labels showing.  I will then walk around in the circle, filming to show the actual children Boughton School are helping, the books they have bought and their own labels.  Back in Northamptonshire and just how excited will the children be to watch this film!!??!!

The only other information we have had, was a request for "Donors who can help us in installation of solar lighting, aqua water facilities, indoor and outdoor play materials and furniture."  It looks as if Boughton School have the "indoor and outdoor play materials" covered and when I know who is in charge, I will be able to find out the costs of the other items.  We 'recently' paid for a solar light system for Karisalpatti and - quick check on their website page - - - - - - 

"In 2012, £1377.01 was sent out to pay for a new solar light system AND food / milk."  

I don't think Batlagundu Boarding will be bigger than Karisalpatti, but prices might have gone up (or down since 2012, as the new technology becomes more widely available?)  Anyway, when I know more I will update this page.

Thanks especially to Year 5 who are organising Boughton School's fundraising!  

Batlagundu is sometimes spelt Vathalagundu or Vattalagundu if you are looking for it on a map.  And in Tamil it is வத்தலக்குண்டு

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