Maski Tailoring Centre

Up to 60 teenage girls can be accommodated each year, who have been orphaned or abandoned, or rescued from the illegal, but still practised devadasis custom. The girls are usually illiterate and too old to receive a full education so they are taught to sew. Most are then rehomed with vetted families and given a sewing machine so they can support themselves and their siblings. Children United! has paid for many sewing machines over the years and also contributes to the annual running costs.  Thanks to Oundle and Shepshed Inner Wheels and Beryl, Sally and Janet for their continued support! 

2006 - £313.00  sent out to buy sewing machines.  
2007 - £1186.00,  2008 - £655.00,  2009 - £630.00, 2010 - £688.66, 2011 - £600.00,  2012 - £576.00, 2013 - £600.00, 2014 - £500.00 and 2015 - £250.00 (Thank you Christ the King Church for your continued support!)

That's a LOT of sewing machines!  So many girls have been re-homed and with a sewing machine and the skills to use it, can keep not only themselves but their siblings as well.

2016 - £450.00 given

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