Malur Women's Refuge

This project is so important and we like to make a small annual donation to the childrens milk, food, education, clothing and medical care.

Malur is a womens refuge and the women and their children are bought here from a wide area, often arriving with only the clothes they are wearing. Costs are high, mainly due to the medical care and treatment they need as well as clothing, a good diet etc. They receive counselling and the children go to school. As soon as possible, they are given a daily routine, looking after the babies and young children, gardening, cooking, learning to sew or some go out to work. If possible reconciliations are made with their husbands/families, but often they are given new names and rehomed. Most of the women seen working in the various convents/ schools/orphanages come from here or the similar home the Sisters run near Madurai. They are employed as cooks, gardeners or helpers with the young children and their own children attend our schools.


We also keep them supplied with soft toys!  Above, knitted by a lady from Christ the King Church Kettering and below, donated by Burton Latimer Baptist Church.

In 2010, Corby Rotary club gave £1000.00 to purchase medical supplies and equipment to establish a clinic and dispensary at Malur.


Dear and Respected members of Corby Rotary Club, U.K.

This letter comes to thank you for your generous donation of £ 1000 British pounds to help the children of Asha Bhavan. It has been of great use to them. We have been able to stock all the essential paediatric drugs and a few medical equipments with the money that you sent. Due to the cold climate here, many children develop asthmatic bronchitis and respiratory infections. Soon we will also buy a pulse oxymeter with paediatric probes to monitor very sick children. I am enclosing a few photos of the things we bought and the picture of our play school children. They are mostly children of the destitute and battered women who are sheltered and cared for in Asha Bhavan.  

Thank you once again for helping these under privileged children whose many rights are denied by the society. The support we receive from you, both great and small will be utilized for the welfare of these children and the many many more who will pass through our portals during their journey through life. May God bless you.

Yours sincerely


Other donations for Malur have come from Corby Heart Wise and Wellingborough Inner Wheel.

2011 - £750 sent for the children.

2012 - £576.00 sent out to help to pay for the children's needs.

2013 - £250.00 given.

2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 - sadly we haven't had enough money to help the children, but hopefully in 2018 we may be able to give some money.  We don't need a lot, would you like to adopt this project? 

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