Karisalpatti Children's Home

I went to Karisalpatti just to visit a friend and was very surprised to find that they had a 'Home for Orphaned and Abandoned Children' - with SIXTY-TWO children, aged from 4 to 10 years old.  This had to be the poorest project I had ever seen - shown when I gave everyone a ladoo, a traditional Indian sweet.  I did not like it very much and it crumbled when I bit into it, but six or seven little boys dived to pick up the crumbs out of the dirt.  
So, what do they have to eat?  Breakfast - boiled rice and water to drink.  Lunch - boiled rice with a thin gravy called sambal made of water, spice and dhal.  Very occasionally there is some chopped egg in it, but no vegetables, meat or fish.  Water to drink.  Evening meal - boiled rice with either a little dhal or vegetable, but never both.  Water to drink.  The same every day, every week, every month. 
So no protein, meat, fish, eggs, cheese etc.  No milk or yogurt.  No fat or sugar, which growing children need for energy.  A completely unbalanced diet with not enough protein, fat, sugar, vitamins or minerals.  And nothing nice to eat apart from on Sundays, a few of the children may have a relative or friend visit them who may bring some biscuits or sweets.  During February to April, the supporta trees fruit and the children are allowed to eat as many as they want.  Hopefully the guava trees they have planted will soon start fruiting but it will be many years before the plantain (banana) and mango trees do.  They get about 15 limes a week from the lime trees and these are made into a pickle to flavour the rice, but there is never enough.  So only enough fruit for 3 months a year and never enough vegetables.

Most children sleep for much of the weekends, probably because they are all anaemic - a blood disorder due to their poor diet.  The nurse treats about 25 of them each day for infections, coughs, colds etc. for the same reason.   
They receive 10,000 rupees from the Diocese each month (£142.86) which is spent mainly on rice.  It also has to pay for water in the dry season, electricity and bottled gas for cooking, repairs, the septic tank to be emptied, the cook’s and the help-girl’s wages etc.
There was some good news - they do have enough room for the children; some people who had worked with Sr. Hilaria on a previous project went to visit her as they were nearby. On seeing sixty-two children all squashed in one room trying to sleep, they offered the money to build another room above. Now the older children will be upstairs so they can study without the disturbance of the younger children running around and playing. Of course, they will all have more space to sleep as well. 
So, you would expect the children to look very sad???  Not at all!  Below, 1st standard to 5th standard children and their new building.

August 2011 update.  And SO much good news!!!  I had emailed everyone from India to tell them of this our latest project and immediate responses included payment for toiletries and sweets for a year. Direct debits of £10.00 and £5.00 a month. A donation from someone thankful for the Sisters’ prayers, and when I returned to the UK, several other donations including £6.00 from Verity and £50.00 from Corby Widows.  £59.05 from Clipston School.  Hunsbury Park School had been collecting pennies and had raised £226.50! (Photo on Home page.)  Now, two donations to buy toys and games equipment and a donation to start a library.

We have just received two lots of photos from my friend Hilaria.  Looking at them, I was so pleased to see four different coloured foods on the children’s plates, not just white rice. I also quickly realised that there were more than the 64 children I had met. So there’s now about another 30 children who need feeding!  I had not considered that this might happen but I can’t say that I am surprised. It's a typical reaction from the Sisters - ‘we now have an income, so we can take in more children.’

Group photo - June 2011:-

Toothbrushes and paste, talc, soap for themselves and their clothes.  Footballs, skipping ropes, quoits.  Water containers, buckets and jugs.          

Some of the new boys and . . . . . .                                  some of the new girls

We assure you of our sincere prayers . . . .                                The children washing their clothes . . . .

Bala - one of the tribal children                          and Asin, aged 4, no father.

Finally, Valarmathi, a parentless child, one of the youngest in the home at just 4.  Please collect pennies to feed her and her friends.

Below - the children with their new library books!!!

THANK YOU to Hunsbury Park and Clipston Schools for their continued and HUGE donations to help feed the children!!! 

So, how can orphaned and abandoned children without a rupee to their names, say a big 'thank-you' to their friends at Hunsbury Park and Clipston schools?   They draw them some posters!


Below - the children being shown the poster that Clipston School had drawn for them.

Hunsbury Park School and Clipston School have 'adopted' Karisalpatti and the food has improved beyond belief.  To see the latest photos from Karisalpatti, please go to our other website www.whatwehadtoeattoday.btck.co.uk  

In 2012 £1377.01 was sent out to pay for a new solar light system and food / milk.

April 2013 - letter and photos received from Sr. Charles, thanking us for 2012's money and showing the new solar light system which has made a huge difference to the children's lives.

"Risen Lord’s Peace, Joy and Love be with you and with all our friends over there.  Thank you very much for your loving letter, sorry is replying late. I was trying to put up the Solar Lights, so the delay.

Our children are very busy in preparing for their school day celebration which will be on 10th of this month. Many of our children take part in dance and drama. Their exams will be at the end of this month. Of course they are preparing well. They do thank you for yourprayers on their behalf.

I’m also sending the photos of Solar Lights 6 of them. 2 in the down hall, one in the Kitchen, one on the Staircase, one in the upper hall and one in front of our house. It’s very useful also economic. Sure our electricity bills will be less than now.

Wish everyone for us. Our children convey their loving wishes to their friends in England.  We whisper your name to JESUS everyday tobless you and all our friends over there.

Once again we wish you all the best.  With Love & Prayers, Sr.Charles and Your loving children of Karisalpatty"

2013 update:-  We sent out £1860.00 for the children.  Thanks as always, to Hunsbury Park and Clipston Schools, the Rix family and Sophia. 

2014 - £1290.00 given for the children.  Thanks to Elaine, the Rix family, Hunsbury Park and Clipston Schools. 

2015 - £1373.00 sent out - thanks to Hunsbury Park School, Elaine, Juliet and Hall Meadow School, Kettering.

2016 - £1448.00 given - thanks to Hunsbury Park School, Elaine, Clipston School and Venture Accounting.

2017 - £1676.00 given - thanks once again to Clipston and Hunsbury Park Schools and Venture Accounting.  Mrs Millers from Hunsbury Park and Delapre Schools came with me to visit 'her' project and had the most wonderful time, although we were not able to meet all of the children there.  Here are a few photos of the visit, but to read all about it and to see more photos, please visit our other website.  www.India2017.btck.co.uk 

 Here is a link to the page about Karisalpatti.


2018 - Over £1400.00 sent out, thanks to Hunsbury Park School and Venture Accounting.

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