Batlagundu Schools

We have been helping the schools at Batlagundu for many years now - it must be over twenty!  First of all we paid for two toilet blocks to be built.  Then we paid for a new school kitchen.  Some of the things we pay for are not very exciting - such as lots and lots of benches for the children to sit on.

We have also paid for hundreds of books so that the school could have a library.

. . . .   and quite a few computers.   

"Loving greetings from Sr. Dorothy!

With genuine love and profound gratitude I write this letter for your kindness and mercy towards me and our children.

I am very happy to inform you that we have bought three computers.  The computer class is going on systematically and regularly.  The children learn with great delight and zeal."

2011 - We paid for another computer and a very expensive laser printer.  It will save them a lot of money in the long run as they only receive one copy of anything from the education department and have to pay to have lots of copies printed for all of the children.

"I thank all the benefactors and well-wishers who support to render this great help to our children.  All our children, your beneficiaries are remembering you with love and gratitude and praying for you all. 

Yours lovingly,  Sr. Dorothy.  Headmistress St. Thomas Primary School"

2012 - Two more computers bought.  This one:-


and this one!

2013 - and another computer!  Complete with new desk and chair.  Donated by members of Kettering Area Motor Club.

2014 - another computer, along with a writing board and lots of books.  Given in memory of Tony Pulford by his friends and family.

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