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Have a look in 'Facts about India' to see lots of photos showing Indian money, the Indian national animal, bird, sport and fruit and lots of other interesting stuff.  

Could you imagine what it would be like to live in one of our orphanages - see 'A day in the life of our children'.

You can see photographs of rangoli patterns and find out how sugar is made.

Perhaps you are already involved with one of our schools - click on 'Current Projects' and then the school's name  - you may have to scroll down to find it.

Children who go to our school at Mariathaipuram . . . . . . .

 . .  where it was very hot, so these boys cooled off in water being used to irrigate the paddy fields!


Things you don't hear in a UK school:-  "I am sorry I am late Miss, but there were (wild) elephants on the pathway so I had to climb higher (up the mountainside) to avoid them."

Teacher to her class "Well done children, full attendance!  All 86 of you are here."

Headmistress to children  "Remember to keep all doors bolted, or the monkeys will come in." 

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