Children at Pandithitta School

A huge THANK YOU to:-  
Everyone who gives us a monthly amount by direct debit and all
who collect 1p's and 2p's for us. Not forgetting all those who
collect stamps for us!!!

Pattishall School - another £10.00
Boughton School - £147.00, and more to come!
Burton Latimer Methodist Church - £30.00
Given in memory of Mr Brian Lane - £257.00
Delapre Primary School - how much is in this box? Plus a HUGE sack of stamps!
(It was £151.89!)

Weston Favell Primary School - £324.04 from a penny trail, to go to their orphanage at Paravai.
Shire Glass
Clarrie Jackson - £1985.80 so far! More to come!
Pattishall School - £66.33! - to feed the toddlers at Batlagundu creche
Corby Inner Wheel
Venture Accounting
Raunds Women's Institute
St James School Northampton - £98.19 - to go to the children at Kodai! 


St Loys School
Barton Seagrave WI
Blisworth Baptist Church
Great Creaton School
Clipston School
Ely Ladies (again)
Kettering Dancers
Burton Latimer Church
Pauline's Dancers
Hunsbury Park School -
for all these pennies! 

Chris King
Toller & Burton Dancers
Clipston School - £265.26!
Laura Auntie and other Aunties
Burton Latimer Methodist Church
Ely Ladies 

Southfields School - thank you for your continued support for Munnar!
Ely Ladies - £40.25 (in pennies) for the girls at Munnar.
S & P Dance Group - £30 for more milk for the children at Kodai.
St Loys School - I must work out just how much you have raised over the years! £1220 for the children at Thangachimadam.
Meadow Hall School - £45.34 to go to Karisalpatti Children's Home
Juliet - £22 from penny collection.  That's 1000 school dinners!
Christ the King Church, Kettering - £114.01, to buy sewing machines for the girls at Maski.
Burton Latimer Methodist Church - thank you for your pennies!
????? - We have had several anonymous donations!  including £115 and £44! so whoever you are, thank you VERY much!
S & P Dance Group - £55.00 for milk for the children at Kodai Kanal
Hunsbury Park School
- £545.77 to go to the children at Karisalpatti Children's Home.
Weston Favell School -
£324.03 for their friends at Paravai orphanage AND to pay for lunch/milk for the toddlers at Batlagundu creche.
Laura Auntie and other Aunties - £138.00 for the girls at Munnar
Overstone School - 
Twizzlekicks Dance Group - £101.00

Clipston School - £378.37 for the children at Karisalpatti (plus £20 from Sophia)
St Loys School -  Once again, a HUGE donation for the children at Thangachimadam!
Corby Inner Wheel -  £100.00  for the girls at Munnar.
Donations in memory of Janet Tucker - £447.30 To buy sewing machines for the girls at Maski.
Ben and Luke at St Loys - £72.00 for Thangachimadam
Blisworth School -  
£877.23 for Kodai!
KAMC - £381.50 given in memory of Tony Pulford, which bought a computer and books for the children at Batlagundu School. 
Shirley's Dance Group -  for their pennies to buy milk for Kodai
Hunsbury Park School - £43.41 for Karisalpatti
Burton Latimer Baptist Church - for their continued support and pennies
Alex Riley Dance Group - £188.00 for the girls at Munnar
Northampton High School -
£100 also for the girls at Munnar

Clipston School - £156.18  for the children at Karisalpatti Children's Home
Hunsbury Park School - £100.78 also for Karisalpatti 
Creaton School - £333.57 for the children at Kodai Kanal
Weston Favell Primary School - £228.48 for the children at Paravai
Kingsthorpe Grove School - £14.95 - school dinners for the toddlers at Batlagundu Creche
St Loys School - £2045.20 (yes, I have typed that amount correctly!) How happy will Sr Jovita and the girls at Thangachimadam Orphanage be when they find out what is coming to them? 
Sophia - £35.00 (by selling some of her toys and games!)
Blisworth School - £331.25 to feed the children at Kodai.
Hunsbury Park School - How much is in this box?  £238!!!   Thank you all SO much!

Ely Ladies for two bags of tiny knitted hats etc and enough money to buy two sewing machines for the girls at Maski.
The Spruce and Highley families.
Twizzle Kicks - £300 for Munnar Orphanage 
Everyone at St Loys for £199 for books and toys.
Blisworth School - £500 for Kodai Kanal. Thank you to everyone who went to the Carol Service, the teachers who DIDN'T receive Christmas presents, the Easter hat and cake decorators, the textile collectors, the penny savers and the cake eaters!
Clipston School - their penny trail raised £90.29 for the children at Karisalpatti.
Someone at St Loys School for starting a library for Thangachimadam Orphanage and someone else for paying for the new toilets and LOTS of repairs.
Weston Favell School - £50.05 from carol singing for the children at Paravai.

Children United! helps a group of Sisters in India to build and run schools, orphanages, woman's refuges, children's homes and crèches.   All fundraising is by volunteers who pay their own expenses.  There are no wages / overheads here in the U.K. or out in India.

SO WE PROMISE THAT EVERY PENNY GIVEN, GOES TO THE CHILDREN !!!                             (Which other charities can say that!!)

LATEST NEWS!  I'm in India at the moment, although Mrs Millers has now returned home.  We have a new website that is following the trip.      www.India2017.btck.co.uk     

Clarrie Jackson had the most fantastic time in India, helping at The Little Flower Orphanage and Boarding in Munnar.  A few years ago, whilst at school, Clarrie raised some money to help this project. Now she has actually been there! Read her blog at:  www.mytravelstoindiablog.wordpress.com

Please can you collect STAMPS for us?  Instead of going into the rubbish or paper recycling bin, we get paid for them. As one little boy at Hunsbury Park School said, “That’s genius Miss!”  All GB or foreign stamps are wanted, but please leave a small border of paper around the stamps, so that the perforations are not damaged. More details, such as how to get the stamps to us f.o.c., can be found on the November 2016 newsletter.

Our other
website, following Julie and Mrs Johnson's trip to India in 2012, can be found at:-  www.whatwehadtoeattoday.btck.co.uk

Is this why so many people like to help us?  
Dear Julie,  Thank you SO much for sending those photos. It's so heartening to SEE one's little contribution being put to such good use instead of helping to furnish plush offices in London of a national charity!  
Very best wishes, Jenny 
(Don't confuse us with "The Children United Foundation" who are a completely different charity.)

Please collect your 1p’s (and 2p's if you like!)   
To feed the children at  Kodai Kanal, Munnar and Karisalpatti.
It only costs 2p or 3p for a school dinner!


Girls at Kodai Kanal

Important stuff!
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    Our registered charity number is 1098864.  You can look us up on the Charity Commission website.  www.charitycommission.gov.uk

  • Talks in primary schools

    If your school is in Northamptonshire, please contact us if you would like a visitor. Talks can be given on "People in Christianity" for Key stage 1 pupils or on "India" for years 3 and 4.   Both talks are fun and lively with full 'audience participation' - dressing up, playacting, trying to drink like Indian children and other fun things. We link schools here in the UK to schools in India. Please email for further information.

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